River Schools (in French)

Catch the Fire Montreal and Église Évangélique du Témiscamingue in Lorrainville, have been partners for the past several years in a ministry called International Schools of the River. This ministry's mission is to proclaim the Father's Love everywhere in the French-speaking world, notably in Quebec, France and several African countries.


The River Schools offer a time of training to equip believers in a way that allows them to experience the Father's heart through a transformed life. The purpose is to train such believers, so that they may serve in the Kingdom according to the New Testament model, in other words, service accompanied by signs and miracles. Each School is normally condensed into one week. Numerous times of praise and worship are scheduled, followed by relevant teachings. Each session ends with a time of ministry where the prayer team is released and Holy Spirit is free to move. All this under the leadership of experienced leaders who have the vision to see Holy Spirit bring you to a deeper intimacy with the Father and greater confidence to serve Him.


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For more information, please contact us at montreal@catchthefire.com or eedt@hotmail.ca.


The next River School will take place June 27-30 in Lorrainville, QC, with Duncan and Kate Smith, presidents of Catch The Fire World.

À l'église Catch The Fire Montréal, nous désirons être une bénédiction pour la ville de Montréal, la province du Québec et le monde de la francophonie en faisant connaître le ministère de Jésus et en partageant la révélation de l’amour du Père à tous ceux qui le désirent.


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At Catch the Fire Montreal, our desire is to be a blessing for Montreal, the province of Quebec, and Francophones world-wide by making Jesus’ ministry known and by sharing the revelation of the Father’s love to those who seek it.


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